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“ So many distractions & complaining, but not enough effort towards PUTTING IN work. So much BLAME and gossip being put out but not enough accountability being taken in. So much hate, stubbornness, selfishness and manipulation, but not enough truth, love, honesty, realness and open-minds. So many excuses said but not enough discipline or self evaluation in action. You love,fight for & envy others to find the love in yaself (which is a SICKNESS), but won’t love yaself, fight for yaself, educate yaself ,your own or others so that you/they can LEARN MORE about who you/they TRULY are. Laziness, lies, tyranny, lack of accountability, close mindedness, disloyalty, non-consistency & non-discipline IS A fuckin problem. I know some of yall can relate but wont admit shit because of pride, miseducation or lack of knowledge. Soon enough you get tired of the bullshit & start really putting in the work that needs to be done & getting the results YOU KNOW you deserve to have. Change don’t come unless you undo the mental programming & put in work first yall…! ”


- Alkebulan- Roots 

To ALL my black people

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Yes! Yes! YES!!!!

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Selected pieces by Will Prince.  The London based artist acutely captures some of our favorite artist’s personalities with his colorfully loud style . check out his Tumblr for MORE

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Fun facts about your sign here

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like if this is true


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The best cure for a dry mouth is a wet pussy.

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